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The Relationship Between Nursing Students' Automatic Thoughts and Their Assertiveness Levels
Automatic thoughts are regardless of the invidual and an involuntary process that passes quickly and instantaneously in own mind. Assertiveness is an important skill for the nursing profession that facilitates effective interpersonal communication. The aim of this study was to examine the characteristics of nursing students' automatic thoughts, their assertiveness levels, and the relationship between nursing students' automatic thoughts and their assertiveness levels. In this descriptive study, 302 nurses were included in the study without selecting the sample. Descriptive characteristics questionnaire, Rathus Assertiveness Inventory and Automatic Thoughts Scale were used to collect data. The data were presented with descriptive statistics, Mann Whitney U Test, Kruskal Wallis H Test, Spearman Correlation test were used in the analysis and p <0.05 was considered statistically significant. 49% of the student nurses participating in the study are 20-21 years old, 64.2% are female and 81.5% live in a rural environment. Student nurses' automatic thought total score average was 52.70 ± 19.78, and assertiveness total score average was -14.97 ± 11.92. It was found that automatic thoughts are more negative in students aged 24 and over, and students who were female, lived in the city, and had no psychiatric diagnosis were more assertive. A negative significant relationship was found between negative automatic thoughts and assertiveness. It is noteworthy that nursing students are generally 'shy' and there is no difference in terms of assertiveness according to their classes. In the light of this information, it is recommended to plan trainings to change negative automatic thoughts and to improve assertiveness levels.

Assertiveness, Negative Automatic Thought, Automatic Thought, Nursing Student, Nurse.

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