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A Compilation Study on Family Education in Special Education
The aim of this study is to present a general framework for family education in the light of studies on family education in special education. For this purpose, the family with children in need of special education, the responses of the family, the needs of the families,the support of the families, the siblings of the children in need of special education, family education programs, family participation activities in families with children in need of special education and guidance activities for families will be mentioned. Children with special needs differ from normal children in terms of their developmental characteristics. Visual impairments, hearing impairments, language and speech disorders, mental disabilities, physical disabilities, learning difficulties, adaptation difficulties, down syndrome, gifted and talented children need special education. Having a child with special needs is not an easy situation for families. Families experience some emotional reactions and want to be understood. Families go through the stages of shock-denial, anger-anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Families with children with special needs need emotional support, financial support and information support. Families of children with special needs must participate actively in the special education process. The purpose of family education for families with children with special needs; to inform, raise awareness and gain skills about parenting in different aspects. Education programs for families of children with special needs are divided into three groups, home and home-institutionbased. İn order to communicate effectively with families, professionals must respect them, listen effectively and ask questions, accept parents, encourage them and develop a sense of trust. Families should organize activities that support different development areas with children at home. With this study, it is aimed that it will shed light on researches on family education in special education.

Family, Special Education, Family Education, Special Needs Child, Disability.

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