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An Analysis on the Note-Taking Strategies Used by Faculty of Education Students
Note taking is a learning and remembering strategy that an individual uses throughout his or her life. Note taking, which can be considered as basically distinguishing what is important, is a linguistic and cognitive process that includes many strategies such as abbreviation, highlighting, determining keywords, expressing it in his/her own sentences clearly and intelligibly, and organizing information. Effective note-taking skills that students will gain from an early age are important in terms of increasing success in business and academic life. This study sets out to determine which strategies students of faculty of education use while taking notes of the texts they read and listen to, and whether these strategies differ according to the gender and the departments they study. The research group of this study, which has a descriptive qualitative research feature, is 222 freshman preservice teachers studying in five different departments (Turkish language teaching, English language teaching, mathematics teaching, classroom teaching and preschool teaching) of the faculty of education. Convenience sampling method has been used to determine the study group. Two reading and listening / watching texts determined by taking expert opinion have been used as data collection tools. In addition, the note taking strategies protocol, which has been finalized by reviewing the relevant literature and obtaining expert opinion, has been used to examine the documents created by the students. The data have been analyzed by descriptive analysis method. As a result of the study, it has been determined that the preservice teachers mostly used accuracy, objectivity and simplification strategies while listening to underlining, coloring and simplifying strategies while reading. Different note-taking techniques should be introduced to preservice teachers and encouraged to use them during their undergraduate education.

Turkish Language Teaching, Note-Taking Strategies, Reading, Listening/ Watching, Preservice Teachers

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