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Metaphors Developed by Academics and Graduate Students for "University in Turkey"
Universities, as dynamics of social development, refer to educational institutions with prestigious position all over the world. This prestige is directly associated with the perceptions of academics and Master or PhD students of universities as crucial figures of universities. This study has been designed to reveal the as-is and to-be states of Turkish universities through metaphors and in light of opinions of academics. The study was conducted via the phenomenology design with 30 participants consisting of graduate students from Hacettepe, Ankara, Yüzüncü Yıl, Dicle, Ondokuz Mayıs and Süleyman Demirel Universities and academics working in the education faculties of these universities. A semi-structured interview form was developed by the researchers to collect data. The data were collected through face-to-face interviews and analysed by content analysis method. In the study, 29 of 30 metaphors developed by participants regarding the as-is state of universities in Turkey contain negative meanings and connotations. While shedding light on the as-is state of universities in Turkey, the participants claim that there are problems of quality, lack of a productive and fair system, standardization, and favouritism in universities, whereas; regarding the to-be state of universities in Turkey, the participants claim that universities should be composed of a structure which is pluralistic, liberal with high academic qualifications and fair, sustainable development and which adopts a scientific attitude and creativity.

Universities in Turkey, Metaphor, Higher Education, Postgraduate Students, Academics.

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