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An Investigation on the Role of Clarinet in the Traditional Music Culture of Erzurum
In this research the aspect of clarinet in Erzurum traditional music culture in terms of performers, the places of performance, the manner of performance, historical process, and the reasons it is preferred for has been investigated. It has been aimed at preventing the lose of traditional performance culture of clarinet by keeping its record. The descriptive review model has been used, and a literature review has been done to be able gather background information used in the research. The interview technique, a qualitative data gathering technique, has been used, and in this context the half-structured interview forms have been applied face to face to four individuals performing clarinet actively and one folk dance expert in Erzurum. The fact that the clarinet has been performed in Erzurum for about a century, played a very important role in traditional activities preferred in rural areas, the activities organized in closed areas have been the most important factor for which the clarinet has been preferred, the clarinet has taken the roles of mey and zurna instruments and it has been performed by regional mey and zurna manners but there is no interest in this art among the new generation are the conclusions derived in this research. Some studies that can be done in order to preserve and convey this tradition have been recommended.

Erzurum, Traditional Music, Culture, Clarinet, Region.

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