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Correlation Analysis Between Euronext 100 Index and the Federal Reserve Board Interest Regulations
The Federal Reserve System (FED) functions as the central bank in the United States. FED monetary policies are aimed at maximizing the federal reserves. FED also incentivizes the stability of the financial system, tries to minimize systematic risks consisting of the purchasing power of the stability of the markets, interest rate, market, political and exchange rate risks. It accomplishes them by supporting financial institution stability, with monitoring their effects on the financial system as a whole. Furthermore, FED facilitates USD dollar based transactions for efficiency. It also makes consumer and investor based audits to identify and solve issues. These audits are supported by further laws and coordinating that conserve the investor and help the development of the society as a whole. FED’s other set of tasks include helping to succeed the maximal employment rate and incentivizing modest long term interest rates. FED’s monetary policies and interest regulations impact the at the world financial markets. In this study, the interest regulations of FED are investigated in relation to their effects on Euronext 100 by correlation analysis. The Euronext 100 is the compination of multiple stock exchanges in Europe, making it very important among stock exchanges. The analysis in this work showed that the FED interest regulations have significant effects on Euronext 100 index, especially in particular seasonal periods.

Euronext Stock Exchange, FED, Euronext 100 Index, Correlation, Interest

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