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Sanad and Text Evauation of the Mawqūf and Maqtū Hadiths on Circumcision of Girls
Although there is no provision in the Torah, Bible and Qur'an regarding the circumcision of girls, female circumcision is mostly practiced by Muslims and partially by Jews and Christians. Female circumcision was also practiced among Arabs in the pre-Islamic and post-Islamic period. The general opinion is that this practice is a custom, not a religious responsibility/worship. The reason for the practice of female circumcision is social, moral and not based on the original sources of the three religions; but they are factors associated with religion. The provision of female circumcision in Islamic law varies according to sects. While some of the rumors about the circumcision of girls are of a general nature that does not distinguish between boys and girls, some of them are of a special nature regarding the circumcision of girls. In these narrations, there are hadiths that are merfū, as well as mawqūf and maqtū narrations. In this study, only the authenticity of the mawqūf and maqtū hadiths regarding the circumcision of girls has been examined in terms of saned and textual. When the narrations are examined in terms of the science of hadith, they can take judgments such as sound, hasan, weak. In this context, all hadith sources including narrations were used, and besides hadith commentaries, tafsir, fiqh and history books were also consulted in order to determine the views and thoughts of scholars about these narrations.

Hadith, Mawqūf, Maqtū, Girls, Circumcision/hafd/hifâd.

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