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The Quran Between Perception of Ordinary People and Meaning Related to Conjuction of Commentary
This study is about the language problems encountered in the field of Qur'an studies and tafsir. This study has been carried out to draw attention to an important point that some researchers have limited understanding of some of the words and concepts of the Qur'an, as in their daily lives. For this purpose, I chose some words from the Holy Qur'an that I think are associated incorrectly according to everyday language entities. The method of this research is to follow the meaning of the word in dictionaries, tafsir books, Arabic poetry and the hadiths of our Master Rasulullah. Therefore, in this research, I followed the method of explanation based on word analysis.This study aims to revise some verses of the Holy Quran that are misunderstood by many people. This situation affects the interpretation of the verse and takes the verse away from its true meaning. We also know that the interpreter must have command of the Arabic language, which includes words, structures and sentences. Therefore, when the words are used out of their literal meaning, the verse deviates from its real meaning. In fact, the words I chose are difficult even for the Arabs who are the owners of the language, but this will be difficult for foreigners learning Arabic as well. There are two aspects that make this study important. The first of these issues is that some commentators try to explain the verses of the Qur'an without having a full command of Arabic. Some words have become common and common with the meaning used among the people. However, these words have different meanings that many people do not know, and these meanings were used by the Arabs in their poems and hadiths in ancient times. The person who wants to interpret the Quran must be fully aware of all the meanings of the word and relate these meanings to the context of the verse. This is a very important situation that must be done in the translation process. The second important point of this study is that in recent years, some commentators who are not based on Arabic as a basis in tafsir and who try to interpret the verses of the Qur'an from a psychological and social point of view that do not rely on Arabic for the comprehensibility of the verse have become widespread. While this situation formed the basis of psychology and other social sciences in the interpretation of the Qur'an, it moved the Qur'an away from the real science of tafsir. Although there is no objection to the inclusion of psychology and social sciences in the interpretation of the Qur'an, it is more appropriate to use the Arabic language, rhetoric, hadith sharifs, social sciences and other sciences in the interpretation of the Qur'an with a holistic approach. The method followed by the researcher in this study is the analytical method, and the researcher chooses some words that people misunderstand, and then uses Arabic dictionaries, Arabic poems, Hz. Based on the Prophet's hadiths and fluent Arabic words, he analyzed linguistically. The researcher approached the selected words from two perspectives. The first of these is how people misunderstand the chosen word, and the second is the meaning of the word in the verse.

Keywords: Arabic language, tafsir, Quran, meaning, verse, words

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