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It can be said that in the period from the emergence of sociology until today, "the general tendency has been in favor of the universal point of view". The universal view, which maintains that all societies in the world will pass through the same phases and that they will resemble each other over time, is partially active today. Today, sociology is still intensely Western-centered science, and the image of "other societies" in the Western mentality also supports the universal perspective and the proposition that "other societies will pass through the stages of the West and will be like them" as an extension of the positivist theory maintains its importance. However, with the emergence of postmodernism, references to the particular began to be seen in addition to the universal perspective under the influence of positivism and modernism. With the effect of postmodernism, which emphasizes pluralism, relativism, freedom, and locality, instead of rejecting authority and hierarchy with propositions that claim general validity, the culturistic view has become widespread. "Every society is unique" and this view, which shapes its research around the idea that "to understand a society should be viewed from the inside and deeply, not from the outside", has opened a range of motion for itself with the evolution of sociology towards micro approaches. This article claims that looking at the change of societies with the parameters of the culturist approach rather than the universal perspective can give more accurate results. In the study, information about particularism will be given within the framework of sociological method and its relation with social change will be discussed. Sociology and social anthropology works will be consulted with the literature review technique.

Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, Culturism, Social Change, Postmodernism.

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