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The Effect of Inward Processing Regime Applications on Export Performance: A Research in Konya Region
The common goal of countries around the world is to increase their income by taking a larger share from international markets. For this reason, in today's world, countries give importance to export-related practices and policies in order to increase their export rates. Inward Processing Regime (IPR), which has been implemented in Turkey since 1996; It enables firms operating in export activities to import raw materials and intermediate goods to be used in the production of the goods to be exported at world market prices by exempting them from taxes. In this context, the main objective of the study is to examine the effect of the Inward Processing Regime, which is important at the point of export-based economic growth, and in general, the effect of export supports on the export performance of companies. Data were collected in the year 2021 through questionnaires with businesses operating in Konya and both benefiting and not benefiting from the Inward Processing Regime application, and statistical analyzes were made. As a result of the findings, it has been determined that there is a statistically significant difference between the export performances of the firms that apply and do not apply the Inward Processing Regime; and the level of benefiting from the export supports of the firms positively affects their export performance. It has been concluded that the export performance of the firms that apply the Inward Processing Regime at a high or very high level is at a higher level than the export performance of the firms that do not apply the Inward Processing Regime. However, it has also been revealed that the reasons of importing raw materials, level of benefiting from IPR applications and the level of effect of IPR on firm activities do not have a significant effect on the export performance.

Inward processing regime, Export incentives, Export, Import, Export performance.

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