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Evaluation of Occupational Health and Safety Services Implemented in Workplaces from the Perspective of Employee: A University Example
In workplaces; It is considered important to implement occupational health and safety (OHS) services and to carry out improvement activities by making continuous reviews. Involving employees in the planning and implementation stages of all kinds of improvement activities will contribute to the success of the implementation process of OHS services. In this context, it is aimed to examine the opinions of the employees on the evaluation of the implementation of the OHS services offered at a state university. The sample of the study consists of 191 volunteer workers. "Occupational health and safety services evaluation" questionnaire was used as a data collection tool in the research. In the survey form, taking into account the literature and OHS legislation, 4 separate headings were created: "Administrative Measures and Cooperation, Work Environment Surveillance, Employee Training, Awareness". The prepared questionnaire consists of 5 Likert and 33 items, excluding the items in the demographic information form. The analysis of the data was made using descriptive and predictive analysis methods and “IBM SPSS 25” software. In the study, when the participants' OHS training, having a work accident, having a job entrance examination and knowing the degree of danger of the job were examined, it was seen that 96.9% of them received OHS training, and 92.1% of them did not have a work accident. In addition, as a result of the analysis, the majority of the workers expressed a positive opinion on the implementation of OHS services in their workplaces. As a result of these positive opinions, it is thought that the inclusion of workers in the process of carrying out OHS services in the workplaces will contribute to the development of the safety culture in the workers and increase the confidence in the workplace.

OHS services, Work environment surveillance, Administrative measures, Permanent worker.

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