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A General Evaluation About the Attacks of Turks to Anatolia from the Beginning to 1071
Anatolia is a region which had been attacked by some Turkish groups like the Sabar/ Sibir, European Khun, Khazar and Oghuz Turks from the IVth century BC. The first attacks from Turkistan to Anatolia have an important place in the Turkish history. There are quite openly differences between the attacks made by the Turks before 1071 and after that date. While the aim of the attacks made before 1071 were to discover and looting;the followings were made for the name of the ownership. The political and demographic structure of the Anatolia quite facilitated the attacks of the Oghuz Turks to this place in those days. In the study an evaluation was made on the aims and the general characteristic of the first attacks through Anatolia before Manzikert War, the differences of the Arab attacks through Anatolia, the road routes used in the attacks in the lights of the local, foreign and Islamic sources.

Oghuzs, Seljugids, Tuğrul Bey, Alparslan Bey, Settlement, Anatolia

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