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The Studies on Detection of Religiosity in Turkey and Recommendations on Measuring of Genuine Religiosity
One of the major problems of the sociology of religion is measured of religiosity which can perceived and experienced as being different in different layers of society. For this purpose, a number of religiosity typologies and scales have been tried to improve. However, it is difficult to present the general-switches a scale about with religiosity. In addition, the definition and classification of all kinds carry the risk of loss in the limited categorical structure of the factual differences in social reality. Such problems are motivated researchers to new studies with different perspectives to detect the most realistic form of religious life in this area. In this article is presented information about the studies conducted for detection of religiosity in Turkey. In addition, it is presented the theoretical recommendations about detection of religiosity as general and genuine religiosity as particular in Turkey.
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Religion, Religiosity, Typology of Religiosity, Scale of Religiosity, Genuine Religiosity.

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