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The Ottoman Land Code (1274/1858) and Comparison Between Islamic Inheritance Law and Land Transfer Regulations
The Ottoman Land Code of 1858 was promulgated after Tanzimat by the Ottoman central administration. Classifications of lands and their law regimes, using / transfer rules of the miri lands were set out in the Code. Lands were classified in five categories according to the Code: Mulk (= freehold), miri (= crown), metrûk (= abandoned), vakıf (= endowment), mevât (= dead) and determined their law regimes. This study aims at giving information about the Code’s literature, general structure, preparation process and importance in Ottoman law. The main part of the study compares similarities and differences between Islamic Inheritance Law and Land transfer regulations.

The Ottoman Land Code, Inheritance Law, Land Transfer Regulations, Land Classifications, Lands in Ot

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