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Effect of Customer Service Applications to the Customer Loyalty in Shopping Centers: Application in the Province of Eskişehir
The concept of customer recently is the starting point of marketing activities and indispensable in the business world. At today’s increasing competitive business world, in terms of businesses financial and concrete criteria are inadequate as an indicator of efficiency. Customer service activities will be key criteria which is demonstrating different and distinguished from rivals for businesses and the fundamental factor in determining success of businesses. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of customer service applications on customer loyalty in retailing industry. The data at analyzing model, was determined with convenience sampling and collected via questionnaire. The effect of determiners were measured with the collected data from 384 customer over 18 years old in Eskişehir. Supplemental statistics, t-test, one sampling t- test, factor analysis and correlation analysis, were utilized at analyses. It was detected positive relation between stimulated customer services, customer services about children, customer services corresponding shopping mall and customer loyalty. The most affected activities for customer were detected as “products under guarantee”, “clean shopping mall”, “short waiting time at check out” and “genial worker” among customer services in the shopping mall. It was revealed while customer services related to children had significant difference in gender sub-dimension between customer service sub-dimensions, customer services related to children and shopping mall had significant difference in marital status sub-dimension.

Customer Service, Customer Loyalty, Shopping Center

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