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The Effect of Gender on the Opinion of the Universıty Students about Organ Transplantation and Donation
This study was conducted to determine factors affecting universities students' knowledge and attitudes about organ transplantation and donation, according to gender. The study sample was composed of 1509 students from Atatürk university, Turkey in the fall semesters of 2012-2013 academic years. Data were collected with a questionnaire consisting of many questions which have personal knowledge, attitude and prejudice tests of the organ transplantation and donations. The participants are average of 18-25 years old, 539 (%35,7) of the male, 970 (%64,3) of the female students are. 12 male and 11 female of the students with organs donation chart are %1,5 in a total. 20 male and 29 female of their family with organ transplantation are total 49 (%3,2), and they have usually organ donation charts and think more positively this subject, according to the other students. 5 male and 8 female need organ transplantations. On the other hand, the female think more positively and attitudes againts organ donation if pearson dead has organ donation chart or ask to donation her/his organs. But, they trust less in doctor than the male. The male think to take the part of organ mafia, not in accordance with their religious. Disperity of these views of gender are statistically important according to chi square (P<0,05).

Organ Donation, Attitude, Universty Students, Gender Affecting

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