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Evaluation of the Hadith about the Absence of Kab Bin Malik During Tebuk Campaign
Kaab bin Malik, who joined the second Aqaba allegiance but did not participate in Tabuk expedition, was one of the pioneers of Badr. According to Abdullah, his son, quoted from his father’s mouth that the reason why he and two companions did not participate in Tabuk expedition and fifty day boycott of Muslims and Allah Almighty’s acceptance of their repentance. That he was forgiven by Allah for he did not participate in Tabuk as a result of delayed repentance increased his reputation slightly. Although it has been described the best example of how the repentance should be, this hadith needs to be studied in different terms. According to what is stated in the Hadith, Kaab bin Malik saw superior to participate in the Second Aqaba allegiance rather than Badr. He was not alone in this assessment. This rumor showed that there was a merit ranking between the companions and no unity on this issue. This article examines the virtues of companions and their merit ranking. Kab and two companions had not expressed any excuses for not joining Badr expedition. Moreover, they had not expressed their excuses to Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). There were also other companions who did not participate in Badr and also they had no excuses as well. Except for these three companions, all the companions had realised their mistakes and asked for forgiveness before Prophet Mohammad returned from the war. These three companions had delayed their repentance accepting that they made a mistake but Allah Teala accepted their repentance.

Tabuk, Badr, Aqaba Allegiance, Virtues, Hadith.

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