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Modest Dress in the Sense of Islamic Law
Having the lexical meaning of "hiding", modest dress means one's baring without any necessity and covering the parts that aren't halal to be seen. It is generally understood from the modest dress that the women's being covered against the men with whom they can get married. Islam has its own sense and morals of purdah. In respect of Islam, mankind wears not for presenting his body and instilling desire but for covering his body and curbing and also lessening his desires. Within the arrangements handed related to the modest dress, it has been accepted by all the Islamic Scholars for centuries that there has been a covering order especially for the women. The fiqh scholars have agreed upon the fact that man should cover his body parts accepted as the private parts but there's a controversy based on the thought of which of the body parts are the private ones. Islam, together with caring about being covered, hasn't descended to the particulars about the style of being covered and has let it out to the customs and traditions. Thus, it allowed to the people to carry out this command in any age and in any region. Modest dress is universal and permanent as a provision and its style is regional. Nevertheless it is quite clear that there must be some qualifications such as the cloth of modest dress should be large enough not to show the body lines, should be thick enough not to show inside and should be wide enough to cover the private parts.

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