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An Analysis on Arabic Siirt Folk Songs
In this study we dealt with Arabic folk songs of Siirt. We dealt on the characteristics of Arab folks songs of Siirt. In this research, we tried to draw off the curtain on the folk songs and pave the way for researchers to enter this untouched area so that the valuable folk songs peculiar to Siirt Arabs may come to the light. We also endeavored to show the literary structure which those folk songs have. In our analysis based research those folks songs are analyzed: “Fi Heme”, “O ya felek ya felek”, “Qıd allimtu”l-Cigara”, “Abertu Ale”l-Velaye”, “Oy Delal Delal”, “Ay ley ley ley Hine”, “İmmi Rasi Waccani”, “Taay fihlini İmmi”, “İmbarek İlmewsime”.

Folk Songs, Dialect, Arab Language, Folk Literature, Siirt.

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