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Kur’ân-ı Kerîm’de Haberin Muteallakının Öne Geçmesinin Belâğî Yönü
This rhetorical study deals with bringing forward the khabar in Holy Quran. As it is known, khabar can come soleley or it can be related to shibih phrase. This case of being related changes in some casus according to delaying or advancing. In this study it was studied relaying word which was brought forward. The main usage is that the relating word of khabar is used atfer khabar. But because of some rhetorical casus and reasons relating word of khabar is used before khabar. Related to the connect of ayah or surah the number of these cases and reasons is too much. In this study, we try to deal with Most of these cases and reasons to give information to the readers. The issue,in this context,has been studied with two dimensions: The first one is relating word of khabar is brought forward of it’s mubtada and khabar. The second one is relating word of khabar is only used before khabar.

The Relating Word of Khabar, Targets, Bringing Forward the Khabar, Rhetoric, Syntax (Nahiv)

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