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Effects of Category-based Vocabulary Teaching on Achievement in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language
Large vocabulary knowledge is important in terms of competency in a foreign language. Various methods and techniques are used in foreign language teaching. Despite the proliferation of studies on teaching Turkish as a foreign language in recent years, there are still serious shortcomings in this area. One of them is the inadequacy of empirical studies on vocabulary teaching. The current 5-week-long study conducted in 2014-2015 academic year on 39 students who received Turkish language education at A1 level in a Turkish language center in İstanbul, Turkey, aimed to investigate the effects of category-based vocabulary teaching on achievement. Quasi-experimental research design with pretest and posttest was employed in this study and achievement test developed by the researchers was applied as a pre and posttest to experimental (n=18) and control group (n=21) determined with convenience sampling. Based on the results of the posttest, indicating significantly better scores in favor of the experimental group, it was concluded that category-based vocabulary teaching is better than the traditional one. The study also provides recommendations towards the use of category-based vocabulary teaching in teaching Turkish as a foreign language.

Teaching Category-based Vocabulary Teaching, Turkish as a Foreign Language, Category, Vocabulary Tea

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