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Syrian Refugees’ Perception of the Turkish Language
The Syrian people began to take refuge in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Turkey upon the outbreak of the civil war in 2011. While the Arabic language is spoken in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt, Turkish language is spoken in Turkey. For this reason, Turkish becomes a different language for the refugees. They began to learn it via various institutions. One of these institutions is Yaşar Torun Youth Center. In this center, Turkish courses have been opened and 52 refugees have learned the language on A2 level. This paper aims to reveal the Syrian refugees’ perceptions of the Turkish language through metaphors. To do so, those 52 refugees having learned Turkish on A2 level have been wanted to fill in such blanks as “Turkish is like…, because…”. So the research data is acquired. Content analysis technique has been used to examine the data. It is ascertained as a result of the research that most of the participant refugees (96,2 %) has developed positive metaphors about Turkish, while the rest (3,8 %) has developed negative metaphors. The positive part developed such metaphors as mother and chess. These metaphors can be categorized as estimation, communication, harmony, enlightenment, language structure, vocabulary, interlingual interaction and individual difference. The negative part has developed baby and rule metaphors which are categorized as negative attitudes. It is also possible for further research to reveal the perceptions of other groups learning Turkish.

Turkish, Syrian refugees, metaphor.

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