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The Relation Between Meaning Matters/Huruf al-maani and Decision in Islamic Law (Case of Witnessing of the Person who is Punished for Slandering)
Letters and conjunctions which affect the meaning of the sentence exist in all languages. These conjunctions are very important to understand the main resources which are used to make Legal Provisions. In this study the language structure called ‘conjunctions’ in Turkish and ‘meaning word’ in Arabic is going to be examined which has a very important role in shaping the Islamic law researchers decisions. The case we are going to examine is the disagreement between Hanafi and Shafii about the condition of the testimony of a witness before and after slander punishment. Fourth and fifth sections of nur sura which has the decision about the subject is going to be the main resource in this article. It can be said that the sects are making an effort consistently in the issue of testimony of a convicted slander during the process of verdict. Therefore both Hanafi and Shafii canonists have always tried to ensure the integrity by making attributions the principles the principles and verdicts related to testimonies while they are giving verdict. For instance, Hanafi canonists have frequently used ‘standstill’, meanly, accepting the information after searching while they are making justification. Shafiis have concluded the verdict related to testimony considering that sinning prevents testifying. All in all, the conjunctions in the related verses which we have studied have reached significance during the process of general verdicts.That the verses have had appropriate language structure to prove the views of the both parties has established ground so that they can conclude according to their points of views. In conclusion, this article will explain the principles and verdicts according to sects considering the meanings of conjunctions.
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Witnessing, Sinner, Conjunctions of Exception, Meaning Matters, Nur Sura.

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