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That Fails All the Deeds: Hypocrisy
The conception of a deed not only includes good deeds and behaviours but also deeds that are not good. The fundamental case that defines a deed is the intention of the person who practises the deed as The Prophet Muhammed says. The right deeds that come out from believers and non-believers are not equal in value. Because, the lack of iman circumstances invalidate them in the other world where all the deeds reach their exact value. Every right deed of a believer may not give the expected result. Hypocrisy and grief that secretly becomes a part of the person’s intention during the practice of a deed will fail the deed and will not allow him to reach the good results he expects. The main purpose of this study is to explain what hypocrisy is and view its reasons,worldly and ethereal consequences in accordance with Koran verses and hadith.

Iman, Deed, Hypocrisy, Sincerity, Failure

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