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The Prophethood and Sainthood According to Mawlana
Mawlana, though he is distinguished in Sufism and literature, deserves to be further researched regarding his views in the field of philosophy and Islamic theology. His views on prophethood and sainthood show understanding of religion and approach to Sufism. This study aims to identify the common and different aspects of prophethood and sainthood in Islamic Theology and Mawlana’s thought. Revelation, the main source of knowledge in Islamic Theology, is also the basis of religious knowledge. However, in the Sufi literature, besides revelation, inspiration is also a reliable and accurate source of knowledge. In Mawlana’s thought, it is possible that God sends his revelations through a prophet out of grace. The evidence of prophethood is bringing revelation and performing miracles. Saints, on the other hand, as followers of the prophet’s way of truth, have delivered to people God’s Words by via thaumaturgy and inspirations. There is no way to arrive at the truth (the reunion) by reason; it is only reached by hearts, which is way of the prophet and the saints. It seems that sainthood might be evaluated under the concept of prophethood because of similar associations constructed between revelation and inspiration, miracle and prophecy, and prophet and saint.

Mawlana, Prophecy, Curatorship, Miracle, Inspiration.

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