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A Research on Relations of Intrinsic Religious Motivation and Self Esteem
This study aims to research correlation between intrinsic religious motivation and self-esteem considering participants’ demographic characteristics like age, sex, classroom, socio-economic level, parents attitude. Conducted with a sample group that consists of 397 students from Theology Faculty in Ataturk University, “Intrinsic Religious Motivation Scale” (Hoge, 1972), and “Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale” (1965) were used in this research. Pearson correlation analysis, t test, and one-way ANOVA analysis were utilized in analyzing of study data. According to the results, it has been seen that there is statistically significant correlation between intrinsic religious motivation and selfesteem, and students who have high intrinsic religious motivation score, also have high self-esteem score.

Intrinsic Religious Motivation, Self-Esteem, Religion, Religiosity, Parents’ Attitude

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