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Active Sufi Orders in Present Day Jordan
This study deals with active sûfî orders in present day Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Despite atrocious propaganda of the Salafi - Wahhabi movements and groups, sûfî orders have found wide - spread activity in Jordan. There are eight different orders, more than seventy sheikhs, and hundreds of a zawiyas in Jordan. There is especially a large number of representatives and followers of the Shadhili order. Additionally, there are followers of orders such as the Rifa’i, the Qadiri, the Khalwati, the Naqshbandi, the Tijani, the Badawi and the Alawi. Factors such as the permissive policy of management of Jordan about the activities of the sûfî orders, the predisposition to mysticism of the people of Jordan and its proximity to the science centers of the position of the country made a positive contribution to the development of sufism and sufi orders in Jordan. It is seen that active sufi orders in present day have come mostly from neighboring countries such as Syria and Palestine which host science centers. Also there are effect of migration due to the wars in countries such as in Palestine, Iraq and Syria in spreading of the order of the sufis in Jordan. This sufi orders and their representatives in today’s Jordan will be discussed in this article.
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Jordan, Sufîsm, Sufî Orders, Shadhili Order, Shaikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller

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