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Factors Affecting Student Achievement in Foreign Language Teaching
The aim of this study is to research positive and negative factors influence the learning of foreign languages, types, and exploring ways to deal with them by identifying the causes of these elements in foreign language teaching in our country that affect student achievement. In this context, factors affecting foreign language teaching has been tried to be determined by consultation with the English teachers working in Hatay. As a phenomenologic study the research data is obtained from volunteer 62 english teachers in 2015 – 2016 academic term with a semi-structured data collection tool form. With teachers and experts evaluation semi-structured data collection tool is made final form before application. In this research the data are interpreted with using content analysis. As a result of analysis, English teachers behaviors, students behaviors, factors in teaching of the lesson and environmental factors have been identified as positive ways to learn English. The factors affecting learning English have been identified as a negative way are teacher behaviors, student behaviors, elements of the course emphasizes, related to the education system and environmental factors. In addition, English teachers have made recommendations in order to increase the success of foreign language teaching directed to English language teaching approach, educational system, teachers, students and for the material. According to this results in foreign language teaching, firstly the impact of the teachers and students positive and negative behaviors and attitudes towards English are emphasized. For the course, the motivation of students also with the necessity based application is expressed by teachers. In addition, it is indicated by the teachers that english can’t be only learned in class, but also students must find an environment that english can be used other than courses and the education system should be organized to ensure effective learning English.
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