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Effects of Cartoons on Students’ Achievement: Kingtom of Plants
Cartoons are readily processed by children and adults – they are “easy on the eye and easy on the brain”. It is generally accepted that most people take in approximately 75-80% of information visually. It seems logical that the visual nature of cartoons would therefore make information processing easier. Learning can be enhanced by the use of cartoons over other visual media as it is usual in this media for visual distractions around the focal point of the image to be reduced, allowing people to concentrate on the issue at hand. As a teaching strategy, alleged benefits include the promotion of understanding, increased attention and interest, motivation towards learning, improved attitudes, productivity, creativity and divergent thinking. Other benefits include decreased academic stress and anxiety, boredom and disruptive behaviour. The aim of this study is to determine effect of cartoons as a teaching tool towards student’s success about Plants section of “Diversity of Organisms and Classification”. For this aim, success of students who have followed cartoon-based courses and who have followed more conventional courses were compared. This study was applied to students that include 20 students in control group and 20 students in experimental group in secondary school at the first semester of 2015-2016 education years. Groups were randomly assigned as experimental and control groups. In the research, quasi-experimental non-equivalent pretest- posttest control group was used. An achievement test with 20 questions, were used to investigate the impact of using cartoons as a teaching tool on student learning in teaching of plants.The findings of this study show that students’ knowledge and understanding was upgraded of the concepts of plants with the use of cartoons. In all cases, changes significant at the 0.05 level occurred in students’ achievement between experimental and control group students.
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Cartoon-Based Teaching, Conventional Teaching, Achievement, Attitude, Kingtom of Plants, Biology Edu

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