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A Sampling Attempt on Social Reflection of Neurobiological Approach
Society is a complex phenomenon. Trying to understand the complex is possible to establish links, in other words it is possible to be interdisciplinary. At this point, many disciplines as its nearest science branch that social anthropology or history and philosophy intersect with sociology at certain points. It is accurate that the points of intersection have came into prominence in the actual works. In this article, the neurobiological approach which defends that human behavior is related to extremely complex neural processes in the brain will be handled in the center of 'The Family in Trobriand society'. Trobriand region is an island communities in the east of the Papua New Guinea. The reason that we have chosen this region as the sample is its contribution to the establishment of social anthropology. Social anthropology was established as a result of the data published in accordance with scientific systematic by Bronislaw Malinowski that was obtained from his research in the Trobriand islands for nearly five years. Trobriand society is exactly based on the mother and it is believed that there is no effect of the father to reproduction. All the more amazing, Malinowski indicates that although sex life before marriage in Trobriand society is very comfortable -also there is no awareness about preservation-, he met nobody who became pregnant before marriage. This faith has created the following results: the high position of the uncle as a result of mother– centeredness, the privilege of the head on polygamy, the marriage based on social status although there is the sexual freedom in a certain extent. The purpose of this work is to create a question mark over the relation of this all with the brain (neurobiological approach).

Neurobiological Approach, Society, Family, Trobriand Islands, Bronislaw Malinowski.

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