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An Islamic Approach to the Environmental Issues
This research Paper addresses the most important issue of the time that concerns to the humanitarian community as a whole and the Muslim community in particular. That is the case of dealing with the environment and its components, an issue which constitutes no less seriousness and importance than nuclear and biological weapons which have brought to humanity the bad consequences of mass destruction, that has forced the United Nations and other institutions to organize international, domestic conferences and seminars to raise awareness of the People about seriousness and danger of Environmental issues and find solutions to its problems. The research focuses on the approach of Islam in dealing with environmental issues as a divine comprehensive method of the Creator of the universe, That was able to laydown unprecedented rules and Provisions in order to deal with Environmental Issues in a proper way to ensure to everyone a happy life by taking advantage of the environment and invest its resources for the fully benefit of mankind and protect it from tampering, damage and waste in the uncalculated adventures, and ends with the findings and recommendations to activate this approach and raise awareness among the segments of the society for a better future for humanity.

Islam, Environment, Sharia, Etic, Fiqh, Rules, Law.

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