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Izzuddîn b. Abdusselâm's Understanding of Maslahah
Izzuddîn b. Abdusselâm is one of the prominent person of Shafii Madhhab in his era. Izzuddîn b. Abdusselâm has earned his reputation especially with his fund of knowledge and uncompromising attitude during his duties. Despite the predominant annotation and paraphrasing traditions in his era, Izzuddîn b. Abdusselâm has wrote orginal works, as well as systemized and developed some of the previous topics which were founded before his era. "Maslahah" takes the lead among these topics. We have approached his understanding of maslahah in this academic work. In this context, definition, testimonials, sections of the maslahah were provided, as well as ways of recognizing maslahahs, conflicts among the maslahahs, fixed provisions against general principles due to maslahahs and public principles related to maslahahs were highlighted.

Izzuddîn b. Abdusselâm, Shafii Madhhab, Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Maslahah (Public Interest), Th

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