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Along with technological developments in the field of television, the number of national television channels has been increased and it has created global media network. Cartoons that emerged as a new art form and industrial field, play an important role both influencing by its own culture and also promoting the cultural values of its own culture to different cultures with these developments. The foreign-born lineage series as a popular cultural product have been effective in our country long period of time and have included Turkish children in the area of influence. Along with expanding of thematic children's channels, local productions have been given more space and cartoons have played an important role in cultural construction. Maysa and the Bulut cartoons are among the best examples of this. In this work, local culture transfer in the cartoon named Maysa and Bulut that is broadcasted on TRT Children's channel has been examined by qualitative content analysis method, by using Gerbner's theoretical approach of cultural sowing. Twenty sections of the Maysa and the Bulut lineage shown on the TRT Children’s channel were watched in the survey. In these sections, local cultural elements are determined under the titles such as traditions and customs, games, and language. The aim is to determine whether cartoons can contribute to the transfer of cultural heritage.It is determined that Maysa and Bulut which is completely local production contains many cultural elements. Due to the limited number of publications related to the subject, it is foreseen that the researcher will contribute to the work in the future.

Maysa and Bulut, Local Culture Transfer, Cartoon, TRT, Children.

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