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İbrahim Mostari’s Footnote to the Preamble of “Anwar al-tanzil”
Length of Preambles and footnotes to these preambles in which interpreters expounds their methods and reasons behind writing of those books is important. The present work deals with the footnote wrote by İbrahim Mostari on the preamble of Anwar al-tanzil.Preambles are divided in two parts: preface and introduction. Although the second part is not included in Anwar al-tanzil, three of more than four hundred commentaries and footnotes in the work are related to the preamble. This article deals with how a preamble written in the seventh century of the Hijra was commented on by İbrahim Mostari lived in twelfth century. In his work, which is believed to be prepared as a course book for his students, the writer, one of the professors of the Karagöz Madrasah, benefited from the sources as al-Zamakhshari, al-Taftazânî, al-Jurjani, Ibn Hajar, Al-Khatib al-Baghdadi, Sheikh-zāda and Shirvani. The work which is situated in Sarajevo Gazi Khusrav Bey Library confirms the traditional knowledge, has linguistic instructions and centre of grammar-syntax explanations (sarf-nahiv) that classically.

Mostar, Expound, Preamble, Footnote, İbrahim Mostari, Anwar al-tanzil’s Footnotes, Karagöz Madrasah

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