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Problem of “Inviter” in The Islamıc Invitation and the Conditions to Overcome it
Islam, like all other beliefs and ideas, has been spread by the invitation. The inviter, who delivers the message of Islam to people, can also cause important problems. Instrumenting the invitation for ideological purpose and assesing the invitation process for some benefits are at the top of these problems. It is possible to reduce some probable deviations in invitation carried out by persons or formed structures to a minimum level.For this, it can be resorted to the principles, which based on the basic sources of Islam and can be recognized by the people who are dealing with the invitation. This study examines the problem of the “inviter” of the Islamic invitation and focuses on the principles that need to be taken into account fort the invitation to be executed in the correct moral and epistemological conditions.

Islam, Invitation, Inviter, Ideology, Ethics, Benefit, Pressure.

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