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Imagınation Of Allah And Tawhid in Ihlas Surah According To Fahreddin Al-Razi
Allah's being, his unity and there is no partner with him is basic principle of Islam. Tawhid was the unique message of all prophets during history. Tawhid, other than Allah is not creative, absolute and sole Creator, the Almighty is Allah and Her is the belief that the one and only in every way absolute. Because of this faith the essence and the backbone of the Imagination of Allah. This, terse and concise manner discusses in surah Ihlas. This surah, the polytheists of the Prophet Muhammed, as an answer to them has been revealed. Because they'll ask various questions about God, the qualities of godhood “God gives us the defining moment of meat” etc. like. The imagination of God in this surah it is provided that plugs into the minds of the pagans tevhit about answers to questions; discusses God is a single being; His samed, have been carried to term and born and not be no one equal to him. In this context the Surah Ihlâs, on the one hand, explaining the vision of God in Islam, on the other hand, indirectly reveals the falsity of the Imagination of Allah in other religions. Is said to be worth one third of the Qur’an, other provisions in the Holy Qur’an on the basis of monotheism due in this surah. This article opinions are examined, about tawhid and the imagination of Allah in Surah Ihlâs of Islamic scholar and thinker Fahreddin al-Râzî (D. 606/1210).

Fahreddin al-Râzî, Tawhid, Ihlas, Imagination of Allah, Atributions of God.

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