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Maturidi’s Approach to Mubhams in the Qur’an in the Context of Stories Abstract
Mubham is a term which is used to indicate the indefinite words in Tafsir. The branch of Tafsir handling such words is named as “Mubhamat al-Qur’ân”. In Te’vîlâtu’l- Qur’ân, Maturidi puts forward clearly his ideas about Mubhamat and provides important information. He mainly intensifies his explanations about the topic around the verses on stories (qıssah). By providing some justifications, Maturidi defences as a general principle that unless there is certain verses, certain meanings should not be given to mubham verses. In this article the Maturidi’s understanding of mubhamat is analysed in detail especially in relation to the stories.

Mubham, Story, Specification, Maturidi, Te’vîlâtu’l-Qur’ân.

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