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Ottoman Structures in Tokat Çamağzı (Cincife) Village
The first records belonging to Çamağzı Village between Tokat and Niksar, 15 kilometers north east of Tokat Province trace back to the middle of the 15th century. Called "Cincife" in the Ottoman records, Çamağzı was shown among the districts connected to the central county in the cadastral record books of the 15th century. In the middle of the 19th century, the name of Çamağzı (Cincife) is among the villages in Komanat District connected to Tokat Central Borough. Current information show that Çamağzı (Cincife) both developed and fell back to recess in certain intervals in the Ottoman period. There is a group of constructions consisting of tombs, bath and fountain from the Ottoman period in Çamağzı (Cincife) Village. The tomb with a hazire to the east has gone through repairs in recent years. At present it is in good condition. The bath is in ruins. The undressing and warmth chambers didn't survive to this day. Heat, privacy rooms and water storage are in relatively better condition. The fountain largely maintained its original condition compared to other structures and survived to this day.

Tokat, Çamağzı Village, Tomb, Bath, Fountain.

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