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The Effect of 5E Model on Students Success in the Teaching of Cell Divisions
The aim of this research is to examine the effect of the learning environment in conformity with 5E model of the constructivist learning theory in the teaching of cell division to the achievement of students by comparing it with the traditional learning environment. In the 2015-2016 school year, the students who are studying in Erzurum province, Pasinler district, Pasinler middle school 8A and 8C classes constitute the sample of the research. The control group which is trained by the traditional method and the experimental group which is educated by the 5E model consist of 23 students. The classes are divided into random experiment and control groups. The application lasted 10 weeks. In the analysis of the data, Independent and Dependent Two Sample T Test and Mann Whitney U-Test were used. Analysis of the research data was done with SPSS 21.0 package program. The achievement average achieved in the experimental group in which the 5E model based on constructivist approach is applied is higher than the achievement average achieved in the control group in which traditional teaching is applied. Moreover, the knowledge retention in the experimental group is higher than the retention in the control group in which traditional teaching is applied.

5E Model, Constructivist Theory, Cell Divisions, Success, Education.

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