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The Issue of Possibility and Occurrence of Naskh in Classical Period Fiqh Works
The issue of whether or not a naskh exists in the Qur'an is a topic discussed among scholars. The debate stems from the lack of clear and definite evidence in this issue. Given the fact that Naskh is to lift a religious text's provision with a later religious text or is abolishment of the judgment by a canon law evidence, Naskh also interested fiqh method and jurisprudence as well as the subject of naskh interested the method of exegesis. Moreover, considering the issue of nashk is Islamic law jurisprudence, ıt can be said that nashk is a matter related mostly to jurisprudence. As a matter of fact, the methodist, generally, have defined nashk as an abrogation of a Islamic law provision with the subsequent Islamic law provision and its removal from the act. According to this, it is called nasikh to the new ruling which abolishes the previous Islamic law judgment and called mansukh to the former ruling which is abolished and called naskh to this event. In the early days, the nashk word was widely thought of as including allocation, limitation and exception. However, it is stated that beginning from of İman Shafi'i, the naskh has acquired a terminological identity. The subject of nasikh and mensukh has been discussed since the first periods. It seems that tha nashk took place as a phenomenon in the classical period canonists's works that they wrote about the succes. Especially, all four sectarian jurists have acted on this principle in the solution of the juristic affairs, as well as they accepted nashk as the principle. In the classical fiqh works, some of the verses which are accepted as nullified, there are disputes in some parts meantime alliances in others. In this case, it can be said that the naskh theory was accepted by four sectarian jurists.

Classical Period, Possibility, Occurrence , Naskh, Nasikh, Nullified.

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