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The Fatwa Industry between the Past and the Present (An Analytical Study of Precepts and Rules of Fatwa)
It is no secret for those who work in the field of religious studies and social and political research the great place that the fatwa industry occupies in today's world in terms of the positive and negative influence on individuals and societies. The fatwa in its long history- since the time of prophecy- has passed through different stages and Islamic Scholars have made continuous efforts to control this dangerous industry with Precepts and rules in order to protect it from those who try to penetrate into this important sector of Islamic without having proper and accurate knowledge. However, today's world is witnessing tremendous developments and great changes in all vital areas of modern technological revolution. These tremendous developments and great changes require from the scholars to pay attention in order identify Precepts and rules that enable the Mufti to face the New Challenges and Deliver fatwa accordingly. This research addresses the history of the fatwa in its various stages, shedding light on the Precepts and rules of fatwa set by our Great scholars and concluded with setting new regulations that should be observed for the fatwa in our present time, in order to rationalize the fatwa industry and direct it towards the interest of the Muslim nation.

Manufacturing, Fatwa, History, Past, Precent, Sharia, Precepts.

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