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Sexual Abusers in the Eyes of Preschool Teachers: A Qualitative Study
This research examined the opinions of preschool teacher’s regarding the characteristics of sexual abusers. In this study, case study design, one of the qualitative research methods, was used. In the survey using the semi-structured interview technique,the opinions of the preschool teachers about the age group of the sexual exploiter during the exploitation period, the proximity degrees to the victims, the actions they performed to cheat the victim/to gain the victim’s trust, their personality traits, their physical appearances, their levels of education levels and their professions. The study group of the research is the preschool teachers working in the city centre of Sivas. From the purposeful sampling methods criterion sampling and maximum diversity sampling methods were used in this study. In the scope of the research, interviews were made with 25 preschool teachers. In transferring interview records to the research text, nicknames are set for the individuals in the study group so that confidentiality is maintained and data are not confused with each other.

Sexual Abuse, Preschool Teacher, Sexual Abuser, Characteristics, Opinion

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