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Problematic Geographies and Children Suffering in Child Poem
Children are vulnerable and innocent beings. There are many problems in the world that children are exposed to. Conditions such as wars and famine are the main causes of these problems. In addition, forced migration, diseases, malnutrition and violations of the right to life of children in the areas of conflict are among the major problems that children face. Problem-oriented children's literature aims to reflect problems children face in literary works, or to raise awareness of problems through literary works in children. In this study, it is aimed to determine the reflections of problem-oriented children's literature in Mustafa Ruhi Şirin's poems. In the study, document analysis was used and all the works of the author were examined. The works reached in this way are read in consideration of encoding reliability. Then, in the poems of Mustafa Ruhi Şirin, records were kept to obtain data that could be evaluated in the context of problem-focused children's literature. The collected data were subjected to content analysis. The results of the study suggested that Mustafa Ruhi Şirin kept both himself and the mankind responsible for children who encountered different problems in different geographies around the world and that this sensitivity is found in his works. In this context, it was found that the poems of Mustafa Ruhi Şirin are rich texts in the context of problem-oriented children's literatüre and that especially the violation of the right to live, the hunger encountered by children and the inability to experience their childhood living in different geographies of the world.

Problematic Geographies, War, Mustafa Ruhi Şirin, Problem-Oriented Children's Literature.

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