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A Poets Supplication Who Expect Sultan’ s Patronage: Gaybî The Poet of Bayezid II’ss Period and His Terbiyet-Nâme
In the Ottoman literature Padishah and top bureaucrats carried out patronage mechanism by protecting artists with moral and material support. This mechanism became a tradition by the time and continued for years. Ottoman poets essayed to get in contact with top mentors in an effort to attain moral and material support by earning respect at society. Ottoman Padishah were interested in poetry and also some of the wrote poesies enough to fix up e divan. As a result of their interest to poetry they patronised poets and artists. Bayezid II as a poet wrote poesies with the name of Adlî patronized many of the poets, artists and scholars; supported them by moral and material aspects who lived in his period. Gaybî is a poet lived in Bayezid II’s period, wrote a work named as Terbiyet-nâme for the purpose of attaining Padishah’s patronage and his support. We have no informaton about his life and also the only work that belong to the poet is Terbiyet-nâme. In this article, formerly we presented some information about patronage mechanism in Ottoman literature. And then we made some determination about the Bayezid II period poet Gaybî and his only known work which is named as Terbiyet-nâme is examined by its form and content features. At the last we transmitted the text.

Gaybî, Terbiyet-name, II. Bayezid, auspices, protector.

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