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Reflections of the Gum and Conquest of Chios in the Divan Literature on the with World of Literature
Chios is an island located in the Aegean Sea, eight miles from İzmir. Ottoman domination in the conquered island in 1566 continued until 1913. There have been some reflections of conquest of the island on the divan poetry. Before the conquest of the island, the gum was not mentioned in any aspects by divan poets, but after the island was conquered, it became a material of poetry and various witticisms were formed based on the island’s name. In this study, dreams and utterances developed around “chewing gum” in divan literature were examined. In this direction, the gum material, mastic tree, gum rose, gum anisette and wine, roasted white chickpeas, chian almond, halva are mentioned. At the same time, reflections of Sakız’s features on poems, beautifuls of Sakız, cupbearer are also mentioned. As a result of the work, it is seen that some expressions and idioms emerged on the conquest of Chios.

Chios, Conquest of Chios, Gum Rose, Gum Wine, Mastic Tree

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