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The Effect and Importance of Scale Selection on the Research Results in Organizational Psychology
In this research, scales which have an important role in determining the behaviors of workers in organizations are discussed. The aim of this research is to obtain statistical results by implementing binary combinations to different scales describing the same behavior and determine whether the scale selection has effect on the results of researches in organizational psychology by comparing the results obtained. Based on this purpose, data was collected from 112 individuals working in the public sector in Zonguldak province. The obtained data was evaluated with SPSS software and Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), reliability analysis, normality analysis, intraclass correlation, Paired Sample T test, Pearson correlation analysis, autocorrelation, homoscedasticity, error normalization, multicollinearity tests and multiple regression analysis were applied to the data. For the comparison of the scales, two scales for dependent and independent variables in the literature were used each and four analysis scenarios were performed. As a result of these analyses, it was determined that there was no concordance among the combinations, that the ratio for explaining the dependent variable varied for each combination and that the effect of entirety of the independent variable dimensions on the dependent variable could be examined in only one combination.As a general evaluation, it was concluded that each scale introduced in the literature did not measure the desired behavior at the same level, therefore the selection of the scale to be used in describing behaviors must be done well and that the description of behaviors in integration with different scales was more rational.

Worker Behavior, Scale Selection, Measurement Level, Effect of Scale, Organizational Psychology.

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