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The Role of Emotion Regulation Strategies on the Happiness Level as a Predictor in Adolescents
The aim of this study is to examine the role of emotion-regulating strategies in adolescents at the level of happiness. The study was conducted on 450 high school students, 202 of whom were female and 248 of them were male, ranging from 13-19 years of age. In the scope of the research, the Oxford Happiness Scale - short form (OMÖ-K), developed by hills and argyle (2002) and adapted to Turkish by Doğan and Çötok (2011), the emotional adjustment scale for adolescents developed by Phillips and power (2007), adapted to Turkish by Duy and Yıldız (2014) and personal information was developed by the researchers were used. The results of the study show that the level of happiness is positively correlated with external functional emotion regulation, which is the subdimension of emotion regulation, and that there is a weak positive correlation between the level of happiness and external dysfunctional emotion regulation. Emotional regulation has been found to explain about 8% of happiness.

Emotional Regulation, Happiness, Adolescent, Regression, Correlation

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