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Determination of the Level of Aggression of Secondary Students
This study wascarried out to determine the aggression levels of secondary school students who were educated in 2017-2018 academic year in terms of different demographic variables. Inthestudy, de Screening Model (which is one of the empirical (observation based) research models, which is widely used in education and sports sciences fields, was used. The sample of the study consisted of 288 students in total, 166 female and 122 male students in secondary school. As data collection tool, Kocaturk (1982), "developed by the Aggression Inventory" utilizing Tuzgölü (1998), developed by "Aggressiveness Scale" developed by there searchers and "Personal Information Form" is used. In the analysis of the data, the Independent-Samples T test was used to determinet here lationship between he two in dependent variables and the level of aggression, and the One-Way Anova test was used to determinet here lationship betwee more than two variables and the level of aggression. There sultsobtained for the analyzes in there search were interpreted as 0.05 significance level. As a result, students from his 260'n sports, 28 student's athletic sport where the majority of students who are interested in sports, have reached the conclusion that the interested in basketball and football branches. The students who participated in the study mostly 1 hour perweek and six were determined to do sport but also recreational sports do. When examined demographics, gender, sport participation, sport and fitness in time to be significantly different, it has been concluded.

Sports, Aggression, Education, Physical Education, Severity.

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