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Examination of the Situation of Pre-School Children Completing Stories About Situations they may Encounter in Daily Life According to Different Variables
The aim of this study is to determine the thoughts of the 5-6 year old children in preschool period according to their experiences in the city center and rural areas. In this study, the sample technique was used and the sample of the study consisted of 6-year students who went to the kindergarten in the central and rural areas of Ağrı province in the spring 2016-2017 period. The sample consisted of 13 girls living in the center, 12 boys and 14 girls living in rural areas and 11 boys. In this study, 10 stories were prepared in order to determine the opinions of children about the issues they encounter in daily life and have ideas. During the semi-structured interview, the stories were presented to each child respectively and the children were asked to complete the stories. Content analysis was used in the analysis of the obtained data. As a result, it has been investigated how children will be able to find ways to cope with problems by encouraging preschool children to think creatively through stories. There are differences between children in rural areas and in the city center. There were also differences between boys and girls in both regions.

Preschool, Story Completion, Rural, Town, Daily Life.

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