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Evaluation of Guidance Service Necessity in Preschool Education wıth the Views of School Counselors
In this study, it is aimed to find out whether guidance services are required in preschool education in line with the views of school counselors. It was a case study of qualitative research design. Typical case sampling among purposive sampling methods was used. The study group included 45(Male = 16, Female = 29) school counselors working in primary and secondary schools within Sivas Provincial Directorate of National Education. Data were collected through an interview form including semi structured questions that were prepared in line with the aim of the study by the researchers. The data were analyzed using descriptive analysis technique. Main themes were generated and then the views were aligned under the themes. The emerging categories are: Informing students about guidance, place and importance of guidance in preschool education, current knowledge of teachers about guidance and their training needs and guidance for parents in preschool education. The findings revealed that although guidance service have been found necessary in the preschool education, teachers should be informed more about guidance services.

Preschool Education, Guiadance, Guidance Service, View, School Counselors

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